City of Peterborough Official Plan Survey – Growth Management

The City of Peterborough has launched its latest survey on the Official Plan and want input from community members.  This is an excellent opportunity to help shape how the City will grow by 2041.  This survey is specific to Growth Management but food security and access to healthy and local food can be included in responses.

When filling out your response, please think about what we know about:

  • food insecurity and poverty in in our community,
  • the need for access in all neighbourhoods to healthy and local foods,
  • the importance of bringing people together around food (i.e., growing, cooking, eating, advocating for healthy and affordable food),
  • the need for affordable housing and considering this in future design of Peterborough,
  • the need to protect land for food production, and,
  • opportunities on public land/space for food (I.e., urban agriculture, growing food, community gardens, gleaning of fruit and nut trees in public spaces).

This survey will be open until January 18, 2018 – please add your voice and comments!  Click here to complete the survey

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Learn more about the City of Peterborough’s Official Plan and sign up for updates here.

As well, here is the link to the report on the last Official Plan survey that focused on the Vision and Guiding Principles.  It’s great to see that community food security was rated as one of the top 10 strategies.  The summary of comments from people who responded notes that key to Local Food Security is “support local food/urban agriculture while ensuring reliable and convenient access to healthy foods” and specifically:

  • Participants indicated that there is role in local food for job creation, health, community building, food security, and poverty reduction
  • Some participants considered food security as a regional goal and suggested improving access to local food.